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WAWAS - The WebAbility® Web and Application Server

WAWAS is a full Web and Application Server written in PHP

The main server core permits to listen to any IP/Port and pass through data to any mounted protocol on the listener.
The protocols in implementation are HTTP1.1/1.0, Comet, Telnet, DNS, Mail, FTP for now.
Each protocol runs modules that will build the response data based on the requests:

Implementations on work:
Protocol HTTP1.1, compatible HTTP1.0 and Comet:
- Module Static (dispatch static files based on MIME types)
- Module CGI (calls CGI of any type)
- Module PHP (calls PHP library)
- Module File (dispatch files into directory FTP like)
- Module Redirect (rewrite URL rules)
- Module Admin (admin the whole WAWAS by Web)
- Module Logger (Log anything anywhere)
- Module Box (Box pattern direct implementation)
- Module Servlet (Java-like servlets implementation in PHP)
- Module PSP (PHP server pages - jsp-like pages in PHP)

Protocol Telnet:
- Module Shell (runs a full telnet session)
- Module TelnetAdmin (admin of the WAWAS with command line)

Protocol DNS:
- Module DNS (runs a full DNS server)

Protocol Mail:
- Module Mail (runs a full Mail server)

Protocol FTP:
- Module FTP (runs a full FTP server)

WAWAS permits memory objects persistence so the same code/library/data/caches can be used transversal through any protocol, vertical through any module, or persistant through time and hits.

The configuration is 100% XML.

WAWAS can be launched as a daemon, with or without forked workers, and is nearly as fast as apache on preliminary tests.

WAWAS does not implement yet filters nor SSL but will soon.

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