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Enter the Web Effect

Convert all your applications with the power of Web 2.0 technology

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Click on the image to access to WAJAF, Dominion or WebAbility® 5.
- WebAbility ® gives you all the development tools needed to make professional applications.

- Armed on a powerful object-oriented framework for PHP5 on the server, and a fast and flexible framework in Javascript on the client, it lets you assemble your application in the manner of a construction kit.

- Mounted on an Advanced Security System (SAS), it will control the structure of your application through an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).

- Connectivity, Portability, Compatibility, Open Source, workflows, templates System, Multi-languages, are other key features of WebAbility® v5.

Success stories:

Government portals:,,,
Electronic commerce:,,
Online magazine:,
Legacy systems, ERP, GRP: Accounting, Financial, Adquisitions, Inventories and Warehouses, Equipment allocation
... And many more ...

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