The WebAbility Network

The WebAbility network.

Open source software for a better web programmation in GO

All the projects are published on the github repository Webability-go

Xamboo - The Web and Application CMS framework.

Github repository:
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XModules - All purpose modules for Xamboo.

XCore - Basic GO foundation libraries to build heavy applications.

XConfig - Plain text configuration files parser.

XDominion - A database abstraction layer. Use objects, not queries.

WAJAF - Javascript and GO sychronized framework.

XDomMask - Forms generation and control for WAJAF-GO.

Alexa - A GO Ready to use SDK and framework for Alexa devices.

Analytics - A very simple analytics library to send events to google analytics from go.

XModules - All purpose modules for Xamboo.

UASurfer - A Forked branch from UASurfer to correct some bugs.

BoxModel - Data Flow Box Model framework.

BITSO - A Bitso API v3 for GO.

Archetype - A new IA approach (experimental).