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The WebAbility® Javascript Application Framework

- WAJAF is a Javascript framework working on the client browser side, and let you build complete applications without programming a single HTML or Javascript line.

- WAJAF v1 is launched under the GPLv3 licence for its use and grow between the freeware community.

- We are checking the whole code line by line to offer high-end professional libraries (almost) error free.

- While we liberate the methods, libraries, examples documentation, we will increment the version number of the application.

- WAJAF v1 is already working on many projects and is the base of the WebAbility v5 administrative back-end.


The Documentation, downloads, change logs and the system itself is in english.

You can also see the demos and code examples of WAJAF v1.

If you want to help the project in translation, documentation, examples, debug and components creation, contact us.

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