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Free Edition. Monosite Edition. Enterprise Edition.
Licence: Creative Common BY-NC-ND Comercial Comercial
Type of version: Light For one site For one server
Perfect for: Personal sites,
online magazines,
electronic commerce,
Huge portals,
legacy systems,
applications resellers
Required PHP: 5.3+ 5.3+ 5.3+
Compatible with Ensim: Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Plesk: Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with CPanel: Yes Yes Yes
Online upgrade: Yes Yes Yes
WAJAF, Dominion and Box model components: Yes Yes Yes
Macro language: Yes Yes Yes
CMS: Yes Yes Yes
Automatica site navigation: Yes Yes Yes
MySQL database: Yes Yes Yes
Statistics: Yes Yes Yes
Administrators: Yes Yes Yes
Data repository: Yes Yes Yes
Multi template: Yes Yes Yes
Pages instances: Limited to skins Yes Yes
Multi database: No Yes Yes
Undo changes: No Yes Yes
Profiles and parametrization: No Yes Yes
Administrators herency: No Yes Yes
Multi languages: No Yes Yes
Browser recognition: No Yes Yes
Box Model editor: No Yes Yes
Advanced statistics: No Yes Yes
Tecnical support tickets: No Yes Yes
SDK WAJAF/Box Model/Applications: No No Yes
Workflows: No No Yes
Reports: No No Yes
Electronic Agendas: No No Yes
Alerts system: No No Yes
Replication: No No Yes
Runtime distribution: No No Yes
Tests and remote publication: No No Yes

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