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Xamboo v1.

Xamboo is the result of over 20 years of manufacturing engineering frameworks and is now available in Golang 1.17 or higher.
It is a very high quality framework to distribute files, CDN, CMS, Graph APIs and REST/APIs with heavy loads.


Build Static, Dynamic Pages, RestAPIs, GraphAPIs, on multisites and virtual hosts.
Support Auth, SSL, Minifying of code, Compress and many other components, also personalized components.
Contains many types of engines and personalized engines to distribute code.
Auto Compile new pages and apps in GO without restarting the server (as plugin modules).
Contains a CMS with advanced Meta language.
Optimized for content distribution to portals with heavy load.
Content-format agnostic: content can be HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML, javascript, JSON, PDF, images, videos, etc,
No database dependency, although it is possible to use a database if wished.
Can handle millions of pages per month (~500 pages per second in real environment, up to 3000 requests per second on tests, basic server ).
Available under the liberal MIT license.